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Commodity market

About our system of commodity market trading –

We are trading in Commodity Market since last many years. After gaining experience and learning of Commodity Market, we have developed a Unique Trading System (UTS), which generates buy/sell signals for MCX Commodities. These signals are limited to Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Zinc, Crude, Natural Gas and Gold only.

This trading system gives good buy and sell signals which generates good returns on investment per month. We take swing trades for maximum around 10 days in a commodity. This period may fluctuate as per the momentum of the price of the MCX Commodity. The main key feature of this trading system is that we can trade in commodity market for long time with profits. Hence, we are able to make trading business as our profession for living.

In this system of trading it is not required to sit before computer screen whole day but to give only sometime after 10 o’clock in the morning and sometime after 11 o’clock in the night (i.e. max 1 hour per day is required).

Other features of this website –

This website also provide live price charts and fundamentals for MCX Aluminium, MCX Copper, MCX Lead, MCX Nickel, MCX Zinc, MCX Crude, MCX Natural Gas, MCX Gold and MCX Silver with variety of technical tools. Basic education, risk management strategy, important news, discussion forum, economic events etc are also provided through this website for share market and commodity market.

Our motto and aim –

Presently there are many financial advisory institutions and individuals who provide tips/calls for commodity market by taking huge fee. Still people are making loss and loss. It means something is happening wrong. Market is full with books and trainers also. But, we have to choose best out of these. We have studied a lot and joined training also to become successful in stock market. Now, we have this knowledge in nutshell. We will share this summary and our trades through this website to give confidence to the people to trade in commodity market. Our aim to create this website is to connect with the people and extend up to them the benefits of UTS. The share market is full of experience of losing money; we want to save the hard earned money of the people. We believe that we should expect something for us, only after making significant contribution.


“Taking comes after Giving”


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