▌Commodity future trading –  Follow these steps

Future Trading

 ☼ Before commodity future trading acquire some basic knowledge

► Please go through and learn all the content given in Education

► Become proficient in you trading platform. Know how to place Buy order, Sell Order, Stop Loss Order, Book Profit Order, Book Loss Order etc. 

☼ Check UTS signals and place orders for future trading

► Check UTS signals in ” Home Page” of this website.

► Place fresh buy/sell NRML orders @ market price at 11:15/11:30 pm in such quantity as specified in MCX Financial Planner (MFP) – Click here for MFP

► Place Stop Loss (SL) orders,  as suggested in MFP,  next day after commodity market opens.

► Place exit orders @ market price at 11:15/11:30 pm to book profit/loss as per signals.


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