How to make consistent profits in share market? |Part-2|

Our problem is that most of the people in stock market lose money. Due to many constraints and hurdles in getting theoretical and practical knowledge; everybody can not make his own trading system.  In last blog I told you that you should also think about the solution of the problem.  I know many people must have thought about investing advisory companies which provide tips in share market.  But you can ask experience from the person who has availed these services.  This is not the solution of the problem because their tips are not reliable and they charge huge fee also. The customers have to sit in front of computer or mobile screen for more time. If their tips are so reliable then their employees who call the customers and give tips should have become rich by using that tips themselves.  But the reality is that they are working for salary.  Even these Companies do not trade on the basis of their own tips.  Now I will tell about the solution.  Solution is finding a friend and has friendship with him.  The friend should be having his own trading system and he must be making profits in stock market.

You must be thinking that how, where and when this friend can be found.  I will give you the solution.  Name of that friend is for Indian Commodity Traders.  You can make him your friend.

Now I will tell you about features of  It has his own unique trading system which is called UTS. This unique trading system gives signals for entry point, exit point, stop loss and position sizing.  The signals generated by UTS are performing very well and I am making consistent profit in commodity market. It also provides free basic education which can be learnt on this website.  This is not only an education but this is the summary of education and study materials available around us which is required to be learnt before using UTS.  Here the basic education about stock market, commodity market, management of emotions, news analysis and trading platform is available. Because friends don’t take fee they only give the profits. Hence commodity success dot com also helping you free of cost for now.

For using UTS some competency is required to be developed and that is to become proficient in trading platform which you are using.  Here the proficiency in trading platform means you should know about the four things:-

(a)       How to place BUY order.

(b)       How to place SELL order.

(c)       How to place stop loss order.

(d)       How to book profit and loss.

Now I will tell you about the features of the UTS :-

This gives signal for swing trading.  Swing trading means to hold our position for 2 to 10 days, for this we trade in NRML products of commodity future contracts.

In this one day time frame candlestick chart is used.

In this every day only one hour is required to be given.  First half hour 10:30 to 11:00 in the night for placing entry or exit orders second half hour 10:00 to 10:30 in the morning to place stop loss orders and rest of the time of day is free.

Now I will tell you about how to use UTS to make money.  First of all it is required to read and learn the all educational content available in  After that you have to login to between 10:30 to 11:00 in the night.  If any signal is generated by UTS that will be updated on

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